My works are based on perceptual and tactile issues. They tend to deconstruct the perceptual mechanisms and the tools with which we perceive, be they archaic, historical, or technological.

Whatever the materials, my works point out interstitial zones, zones of tilts between latent spaces and other temporalities. Zones where objects and ideas may suddenly get reversed and be revealed in another dimension.

They deal with the passage from near to far, the changes of scale, the superposition and juxtaposition of several spaces, the limits between representation and abstraction, perception and conceptualization, physical and mental.

Light occupies an essential place: in drawing as in video, light makes the image oscillate between real and unreal. The treatment of light creates spaces of tensions where landmarks get lost and reconfigured.

Each work makes a visual tactility emerge. It is a kind of softness, a sensuality that is revealed in the time spent working with the material and which brings back to archaic and primordial temporalities.

The temporal, perceptual and tactile upheavals induced by new technologies occupy an important place in my reflection.